OnlyT Privacy Policy

There is no need for a long or complicated Privacy Policy for OnlyT – let’s keep it simple:

  • Any data you enter into the app is yours. iMatt Solutions (the app development company) does not collect or share your app data.
  • If you email support, then yes, we* now have your name and email address and any other details you shared inside the email. If you are concerned about this, just email support and ask us to delete your prior communications.
  • If you post your details on any external system used for the support of OnlyT, such as the Issue Tracker on GitLab, then you are protected by their Privacy Policy.
  • Both OnlyT and this website have been integrated with Google Analytics. This collates high level usage patterns so that we* can improve both the website and the app. There is nothing recorded or stored to identify you – it is all anonymous.
  • You are responsible for the security of your personal device and the data stored on it (eg iPhone or iPad). You should always lock your device and require a login of some type (pin, fingerprint id, face id).

Any questions, please email

* Us/We = iMatt Solutions, the company that developed ServicePlanner.